Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i've done it before

i'll probably do it again...

(and somehow they totally fucked up the picture/description corespondence in the above~and the below, just so you know. . . i may not be as weird as this makes me seem . . . or i could be even stranger...)

the question is

how many different mes

are there???

if only...

and for the friend who commented:

"Sassy gay friend" isn't exactly an archetype you'd stick in a tragedy. That's probably why he's missing from Hamlet. He does show up in Romeo and Juliet, but luckily he gets stabbed to death in the second act, otherwise he might have interfered with the suicide scene in act 5.

here ya go:

to which said friend adds "That's why Mercutio had to die."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thursday, June 03, 2010

i wouldn't recommend this experience

There i am, on my way to work, after lunch break, i am pulled over by a detective (and i have no idea why.) She comes to the window and asks if there is any reason why i'm driving a car whose registration expired in December (because i had thrown my current registration in the glove box and completely forgot about it~and apparently couldn't be bothered to put the sticker on it.) I hand her the registration. Then she asks if there's any reason why i'm not wearing my seat belt (i really don't know, as i always wear my seat belt.) Stammer a little. She asks me for proof of insurance, license, all that jazz. Then she says something about me going to work and her putting the sticker on my car (or so i thought~it sounded a little strange but whatever.) She goes to her car, i wait for her to come back (while giving questioning gestures to her about what i'm supposed to do), then finally start my car.
The next thing i know two more police cars pull up, sirens blaring, and surround me (and i'm thinking "My coworker, who had her car impounded this morning, was right about the police being crazy.) One officer walks around my car then approaches me.
"Why did you do that, why were you fleeing."
"I'm sorry, i was confused, i misunderstood what she said."
He continues to question my actions, i continue to apologize.
"What is your criminal record?"
"I don't have one."
"You've never been to County Lock-Up?"
"You don't have any warrants out for your arrest?"
"Are you sure?"
"I'm sure."
"Okay, we're going to check your record."
Then he points to the passenger side of my car, "Have you been drinking any of that hard liquor today?"
I'm thinking "What hard liquor?" I glance to where he is pointing to (barely) see a liquor store bag hiding underneath a BUNCH of books (from my vet visit i'm sure~but i don't even know why it's there because i always put my liquor (as i do all groceries) in the trunk. "No."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, i'm on my way back to work." (and wouldn't you be able to smell it or something?) "Is it supposed to be in the trunk?"
"No it's fine." He grills me a little more then finally is on his way.
The detective comes back and again quizzes me about why i tried to flee the scene.
"I'm so sorry, i misunderstood what you said."
"We don't know if you're fleeing the scene of a murder or something." (then why would i pull over in the first place?) "I'm ticketing you for a seat belt violation." (again, i couldn't tell you or her why i wasn't wearing a seat belt either because i ALWAYS~or apparently not always~wear a seat belt.)
Then she asks me if i'm alright.
"I am a little shaken."
"Haven't you even been pulled over before?"
"I have been pulled over, it's just a little different than being surrounded."
After a few more warnings, i am on my way back to work.
Moral of the story?
Never forget ANYTHING; not your registration sticker, not to not start your car, not that you have liquor on your floor, and especially not your seat belt!
(and when i told my mom she first asked if any of the officers were cute (i didn't even notice) and then asked if they checked to see if i was a citizen (i don't know what the detective looked up in her car, but they didn't ask me.)