Thursday, May 01, 2008

it's about time for a Beltane celebration (and where are those May flowers?)

Maybe because it comes in May, perhaps something about the name, it could be that it signals the "springing up" of flowers (and i do love certain flowers~wild flowers~[believe it or not this sarcastic librarian not only appreciates certain beauty in nature but also gets extremely sentimental at times~just between you and me] especially forget-me-nots, my favorite, the flower {sometimes mentioned as my birth-flower and the flower i wanted as my centerpiece/theme if ever i should marry}~the color {the color of sky, the color of air} i would love my dress to be...). But anyway give May Eve (sounds so much better than "May Day" for us night owls) a chance to let go of worries (and that ever-present head pain) and be happy that you are alive in the beautiful world.
Today is Beltane (and Mayday was my grandmother's birthday so i always remember what a great woman she was on this day~a family of May Taureans somehow we turned out~me, my father, his mother...)
Second of the two most important “high holidays” or “great sabbats,” this festival celebrates the marriage of the Goddess and the God. This pagan holiday centers on flowers, Maypoles, and greenwood frivolity. This date stays the same each year.
Note: Some pagans celebrate Beltane “Old Style” when the sun has reached fifteen degrees Taurus (4 May 2008; this date varies each year).
Also known as May Eve, May Day, and Walpurgis Night, happens at the beginning of May. It celebrates the height of Spring and the flowering of life. The Goddess manifests as the May Queen and Flora. The God emerges as the May King and Jack in the Green. The danced Maypole represents Their unity, with the pole itself being the God and the ribbons that encompass it, the Goddess. Colors are the Rainbow spectrum. Beltane is a festival of flowers, fertility, sensuality, and delight. Prepare a May basket by filling it with flowers and goodwill and then give it to someone in need of healing and caring, such as a shut-in or elderly friend. Form a wreath of freshly picked flowers, wear it in your hair, and feel yourself radiating joy and beauty. Dress in bright colors. Dance the Maypole and feel yourself balancing the Divine Female and Male within. On May Eve, bless your garden in the old way by making love with your lover in it. Make a wish as you jump a bonfire or candle flame for good luck. Welcome in the May at dawn with singing and dancing.
go romp in the meadow amongst the flowers and celebrate life...

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