Friday, July 04, 2008

why drinking the entire bottle of shiraz might not be the best idea

You may find yourself driving down the freeway drunk (and i really do try not to drive drunk, but occasionally when judgement is shot and you call your ex up just to talk and he wants you to come over it seems like a good idea at the time) and lost looking for your ex-boyfriend's house which is on the other side of time, rarely visited and somehow always hard to find. Sometimes it seems that you have slipped into an alternate universe going round and round (or not round and round but always going in the wrong direction that only gets you more lost and doesn't seem to provide a turning point until you are much further north or west than you should be and you discover things with names like micro motels(isn't a motel itself usually small enough?) where once you get in the driveway you can't find your way out for hours.) And you are grateful for your iPod but it keeps playing and even though you want to give up and go home you can't even seem to find your way there either.

Call the ex and call the ex for help and guidance and finally stumble your way there without ever getting arrested (even though he was the one with a suspended license.)

And it is nice to be with someone who knows you well and who you can be comfortable with (and in the morning he even knows/remembers how you take your coffee and offers to make you breakfast.) But you can't help wondering how exactly you got here and want to leave.

But i always live my life with no regrets!

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