Friday, October 31, 2008

all hallow's eve

One of the two most important “high holidays” or “grand sabbats,” this festival marks the beginning and end of the pagan year. It is the beginning of the resting season of the land, a time of remembrance of those who have gone before, and a time to pierce the veil between the worlds and divine what the coming year holds. This sabbat is also known as All Hallows, Hallow E’en, Halloween, and Samhain (meaning “summer’s end”). Depending on where you are from, “Samhain” is pronounced “sow-in” (in Ireland), “sow-een” (in Wales), “sav-en” (in Scotland), or “sam-hane” (in the US, where Gaelic is not spoken). This date stays the same each year.
Note: Some pagans participate in non-pagan Halloween festivities on 31 October and then celebrate All Hallow’s Eve “Old Style” when the sun has reached fifteen degrees Scorpio (6 November 2008; this date varies each year).

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