Thursday, November 05, 2009

what isn't now

History Mutates
and you effortlessly, indifferently glide over the gaps

i have left behind

you say:
this was the place
and this was the time

and these were the people

but I am not there
as if i never was

my existence disappears

from pictures
and from memory

pieces of who i was


as i was

without thought

and i am left with Those pieces
just as i am left with the Absence of you

Forever became Finite

and i wonder
why, how, when

Who you were
made you who you are
and even if that once-was you
is passed

(and will never come back)
how can you forget it, erase it?
how do you change it to never-was?

i don't miss you

nor do i want you
Sometimes nostalgic, small thoughts
of who you were,

who i was

come unbidden

thoughts I cannot lose

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