Saturday, January 01, 2011

Best day ever!

  1. Demetra somehow managed to open a closed box, open the cellophane packages inside, and rip apart the new toys i had ordered for her.

  2. I pinched a very sensitive part of my body when i tried to close the recycling bin.

  3. The ATM ate my debit card.

  4. I lost my license.

  5. I almost T-boned another car because i could not stop my car from sliding into it.

  6. I locked both my keys and my phone in the car and had to call a locksmith who demanded $65 from me (i was praying to someone's god that the charge would actually go through..)

  7. Finally got home and spilled coffee all over my brand new carpet.

  8. About 11:00 pm the power went out to my entire house (and ONLY MY house,) had to call the power company who sent someone out only for him to be completely baffled by the situation.

I'm just hoping that the universe is just letting my bad luck run out before the new year starts.

or maybe not--now 12:17 am, January 1, 2011 and i just dumped red wine all over myself and my new couch...)

(1:17: now my computer has completely ceased to work...)

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