Saturday, September 24, 2011

i see vampires

so All My Children was never one of my addictions (that honour belonged, very briefly, to General Hospital because i was hard in teenage lust with Thaao Penghlis, then his character came to justice or died or something and i lost interest in General Hospital then, when i was fifteen, one Christmas vacation, i stumbled upon his face on some other show and thus began my thirty-year secret devotion to Days of Our Lives~when you’ve watched something for that many years it just seems inappropriate to give it up, but that is far beyond the point…)
I have other, well-known-and-no-need-to-mention reasons to be pleased by this:

Sarah Michelle Gellar made her triumphant return to daytime TV today (just one week after making her triumphant return to all of TV in Ringer!), appearing in one episode of her old stomping ground, All My Children, which goes off the air for good Friday. (Sob.)

Despite saying she would be playing a whole new character, Gellar appeared as a hospital patient with amnesia who can’t remember anything about herself — except that she is Erica Kane’s (Susan Lucci) daughter, the role she originated nearly 20 years ago. One highlight? While chatting with the nurse, Gellar describes her unique condition and alludes to her future star-making role in a tongue-in-cheek way:

Gellar: “So I see vampires, that doesn’t make me crazy!”
Nurse: “No, vampires are very popular…”
Gellar: “I saw them before they were trendy!”

Gellar, who won a daytime Emmy for her work on AMC, was only in two brief scenes, but it’s nice to see her back on daytime — it helps us remember the good ol’ days when she played Kendall Hart, personal assistant and long-lost daughter to Erica, in the ’90s. Still, we forgive her for moving on to play a kick-ass heroine in a show about vampires… yes, before they were trendy.

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