Monday, February 19, 2007

like i really need another reason... sit on my ass and stare mindlessly at the evil black box, but why has no one told me about the marvelousness that is Beauty and the Geek before now?
Of course, i've heard of the show, but seeing as how it is produced by none other than Ashton Kutcher who has given us such a "gem" in Punk'd, i hadn't paid it much mind (not a big fan here.) I thought that Average Joe was also Ashton's brainchild (though i can find no confirmation of that fact.) I had somehow conceived of Beauty and the Geek as some kind of Average Joe permutation. In actuality, BatG bears little resemblance to that rather failed morality tale (which, i must shamefully admit, was one of the only reality dating shows i have ever fallen prey to, tho apparently there was a fabled fourth season in which the Fair Maiden actually picked the Average Joe over the Beefcake that i must have missed~i'm not sure i believe it even exists) though it does fall quite squarely and fairly into the whole muddled melee that is "reality television".
So MTV was thoughtful enough to provide me with a nine-episode marathon introduction to this "ultimate social experiment" which i then DVRed (see how these cable companies just suck you in) and then spent hours upon hours hopped up on cold meds enthralled by this idea of transformation (which seems to be the key/theme word of ["Can beautiful women find confidence in more than just their looks? Can geeks gain the courage to come out from behind their books? Who Will Become More than just the Beauty and the Geek?"]~a show i am currently calling Attack of the Evil Blondes ~on a quick side note here~it's quite interesting how quickly it devolved among the "beauties" to blondes versus brunettes and also interesting that there were no redheads in the mix~perhaps we just always manage to be blessed with Beauty AND Brains? I mean you can sleep with a blonde, and you can sleep with a brunette, but you'll never get any sleep with a Redhead~take that however you want it)
So Mr. Ashton Kutcher, you and your production team had an interesting idea. And, as everyone knows reality t.v. is all about the editing, the editing here (or is it possible that maybe some actual transformation took place?) actually moved this sarcastic, cynical, rampaging librarian to, dare i say it, near tears colour me sentimental, if only for a moment. Yeah sure, there's trash, there's flash, there is pure theatricality, but i think it is actually kind of cool. I might even give up the idea of lecherous actor man for a geek of my own (or maybe i'm my own geek?)
And yes, Tori, spending "every minute of my freaking life learning and reading and stuff" really doesn't sound like a life all that ill spent.
but then again, there is t.v to be watched...

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