Monday, February 19, 2007

looking for love in all the wrong places

so, i had a minor epiphany today:
i think.
it might have been the continuing misery of this sinus-infection/digestinal-flu/cold/black plague thing that i have been forced to endure
it might have been the lack of sleep related to the above
it might have been the chemical imbalance of the rampaging cold-related remedies i have been ingesting, combined with the fact that my regular pharmaceutical regime has fallen a bit off-track of late
an indication of my commitmentphobic tendencies
it could just be my own lack of sanity
As i was, in my state of misery, seeking comfort of the furry, purry variety, following my youngest cat, Demetra (i Have mentioned my three cats before, right~just checking) around, begging for just a little affection, when a question suddenly occurred to me (no, Not how many commas can i insert into this sentence, but:)
What, exactly does it mean, that i am desperately trailing the one currently, emotionally unavailable feline around pleading, "Love me, Love me, Please, Baby, Love Me," when there are two, even fluffier, emotionally Available felines just waiting for me to pick them up???
Well it could mean so many things.
but it is very interesting nonetheless

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