Tuesday, March 10, 2009

because i am so prone to bandwagon jumping

(even if i'd like to hope i'm not, proud non-conformist that i am)and i seem to have developed a facebook addiction I’ll post my 25 random things about me list here (and yes, Tim, i know that they are not really random but that is what they are calling it and this is a band wagon thing…:) I'm sure i've mentioned at least a few of these before...
  1. I’m a raging insomniac (technically, delayed sleep phase syndrome) and often times, after midnight, very ill-advised ideas seem like very good ideas.
  2. Although i have never felt a desire for children, if it weren’t for my nephews and niece i might have felt compelled to have them.

  3. Even though my sister is twelve years younger than I, from her early childhood i always knew she would get married and have children before i did.
  4. My cats ARE my children and i am as committed to them as i would be to my actual offspring.
  5. Although three cats are definitely enough, lately i have felt an irresistible urge to add a dog to the mix.

  6. Although i have made many a stupid mistake in my lifetime i don’t regret a single one (they have made me who i am today and i am pretty okay with that person.)

  7. Although i would give almost anything to be without these damn migraines i am
    very grateful for all they have taught me about myself.

  8. I am addicted to popcorn (and cheese—meat is not such a big sacrifice but i could never give up cheese.)

  9. When i was small and went grocery shopping with my father i somehow got the idea that the beer he bought smelled like rice pudding and was so disappointed to discover it tasted absolutely nothing like rice pudding.

  10. My favorite kind of beer is Pyramid Apricot Weizen even though i am not that found of apricots (too many memories of being forced to pick up the mushy rotten ones from our back lawn as a child.)

  11. I always wanted to be an academic librarian and the thought of being a public librarian was at the very bottom of my list (never was a big fan of the public.) Now that i am a public librarian i can’t really imagine being anything else.

  12. I love reading and even though i own probably more books than i could ever read i somehow keep acquiring more (a bitch to move across country—and my list of books to read is even larger than that.)

  13. I remain friends with almost all my exes.

  14. I could not survive without sarcasm.

  15. I am NOT shy, people that know me are more than aware of this; people that don’t rarely believe me when i tell them so.

  16. I see a neurologist at least once a month and she is constantly switching up my meds (I also see a second neurologist every three months for my sleep disorder.)

  17. I am a mass of contradictions.

  18. I am very rational and logical but my passion seems to rule my life (and that little voice in my head is not so much one of morality but rather constantly telling my how irrational my actions are.)

  19. It took me forever to like sci-fi because when i was little my dad used to come home from work, drag me downstairs, switch on star trek, and not allow me to talk to him except during commercials (he wanted to spend time with me~and such quality time it was…)

  20. Now i love Star Trek (original and TNG~Gina, you got me hooked on this...)

  21. I can’t stand squash (any kind—even zucchini). Never have, never will (again, childhood memories which i shan’t get into here.)

  22. I love New Year’s Eve but haven’t celebrated it for years.

  23. When i was younger i used to think most people thought like me, the older i get the more i realize that i am so much more liberal than most of the population.

  24. People who think they know everything are rather annoying to those of us who actually do (see number 14, and i actually think agnosticism is the only way to go.)

  25. When i was a child in Alaska i believed you plugged in you cars overnight to make them go the next day (instead of to keep the engine from freezing—don’t know why i never noticed my parents didn’t plug them in during the summer—perhaps because summers were so short?

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