Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Tell Me the Truth"

Although i usually take a certain amount of pride in my non-conformity and don't just follow along with the crowd i did decide to read The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield, even though it seems to be what everyone else is reading. I have seen so many reviews and recommendations for it and it just sounded like something i would enjoy so i went ahead and jumped on this bandwagon, and it did not disappoint.
This is a book for book lovers. It is about relationships among solitary people and lonely families. It definitely sucked me in--and that's in a good way.
Margaret Lea grew up surrounded by books in her father's antiquarian book shop in London. She was raised on the classics and enjoyed a solitary life alongside literature. One night she comes home to find a letter from Vida Winter, "England's best-loved living writer" requesting Margaret to write Winter's biography. Though Margaret has never before that night read any of Winter's writing, preferring literature of past centuries, she reluctantly travels to meet Winter and such begins the dark novel with the classic gothic flavour of days gone past. Vida has always been a teller of stories. Margaret deals in truth. These are two different things...
Read it, love it. Or don't. I know i did. But you, of course, are your own person...

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