Friday, October 20, 2006

Of cliches and mid life crises

i've decided that a midlife crisis happens when you finally come to terms with who you are and your body suddenly decides that that is no longer who you are. For instance, i've always had MAJORLY Naturally Curly Hair that has always been at least a little bit moody (slightly like its owner)--when i was young i used to finish my bath and wrap the towel around my head and pretend the towel was my long, strait hair and flip it around and around because my hair was always too curly and too frizzy to flip! Now i come out of the shower and i have this stuff hanging from my head that acts nothing like MY hair--it just hangs there like the towel used to do. "Be careful what you wish for, Right? Which brings us to the matter of cliches--ever wonder how they got to be cliches? Because they're so Damn True!!!
I'm hoping this whole tragic thing is just a hormonal fluctuation, that all natural hair dye i tried out which was a big mistake, or some other temporary trauma and is in no way connected to this whole turning-forty thing!
It's so strange to have something that you hated for so long (or thought you did) be so wrapped up with your identity after you have lived with it all your live!

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