Tuesday, October 24, 2006

not terribly necessary

So i went and bought this book: The Rational Guide to Google Blogger (Rational Guides) by Wei-meng Lee.
A not so bright move right? Right, you are. I was thinking somehow that it would give me some tips and tricks that i was missing out on...no such luck. Mostly screen shots and things that already seem (at least to me) pretty basic. This is what the synopsis says about it:

With this book, you will learn how to use Blogger's Post Editor and Dashboard to create sophisticated postings that include images and hyperlinks, and how to change the look and feel of your blog templates. Other topics include making money using Google's AdSense and Amazon.com's Associates program, using photo blogging services, adding a site counter so that you can track your readership, using Blogger Mobile for mobile blogging, and how to archive your blog. For those of you who have your own Web hosting, you will learn how to publish your blog to your own server. this book takes a rational, no-nonsense approach in a compact guide. The book is written to give you the basics fast! Technical accuracy is assured by Biz Stone, Former Senior Specialist on the Google Blogger Team.

but it seems to me that if you're here and blogging that you pretty much already know most of the things this book has to say. I will give it a little credit--i did pick up a few things here and there--but not quite enough to justify the (discounted even) expense.

hey--here's a thought: check it out from your library ;)

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