Tuesday, April 24, 2007

music to live by

The Soundtrack of My Life

here's a nice little exercise (in what, i'm not quite sure~maybe to give you just a taste of how eclectic my musical selection is?) from a meme that's been going around~apparently you:

1. open your music library
2. put it on shuffle
3. press play
4. for every question, type the song that's playing
5. when you go to a new question, press the next button
6. don't lie and try to pretend you're cool

(like, why would i do that~i mean, i have been constructing my own life's movie soundtrack for years now but if it's going to be random it's GOING to be RANDOM~you know what i mean???)

opening credits: come calling (her song) cowboy junkies

i just don't know what to say about this...

waking up: carnival is over dead can dance

knowing how i feel about sleeping & dreaming i guess this title seems somewhat appropriate...

first day at school: tara's dance LoDuca (lyre, lyre, hearts on fire xena soundtrack)

nothing like a little amazonian warrior princess song and dance to show how well you will be fitting in with all the other little kiddies the first day of school

in love: the lady is a vamp spice girls

interesting idea (the song title juxtaposed with being in love, i mean)~i guess there is no getting past that there is some spice girls in my music library~oh the shame of it all

fight song: why annie lennox

exactly what kind of fight are we talking about here?~'cause at first i was all set for a little rampaging fistacuffs~but i think with annie divaing in the background that might have to be in slomo at the very least~OR it's the love story, emo, argument, gnashing of teeth, heart-breaking, soul-ripping, sensitive, poetic, type of fight...

breaking up: get out macy gray

kindof spot on, eh?

prom: nobody loves you garbage

yeah, this would be my prom theme

life's ok: crying vonda shepard

CRYYYYYING...OVER...YOU....CRRRRYYING OVER YOU....how okay can life be? I'm asking you?

mental breakdown: damascus, virginia the buzzrats

the buzzrats are an absolutely wonderful band from Ann Arbor, Michigan whose sound defies definition~something like "alternative/folk/rock/psychedelic/funk"~i'm sure you've never heard of unless you've read my blog, or are from the A² area, or know one of the truly great guys in the band~i'm not sure if this song qualifies as mental breakdown unless it references my breakup with one of said guys but since he will always be one of my best friends for life and that is what we always should have been i really don't know...anyway do check out the buzzrats....

driving: let's spend the night together the rolling stones

my car be bouncing down that road

flashback: I love a man in uniform gang of four

Any song from the 80s dancefloor scene gives me flashbacks (in all sorts of ways...)

getting back together: I'm shakin' the blasters

all i can say is hmmm...

birth of child: rollin' luscious jackson

i really don't plan on birthin' no babies in my lifetime so i'm not sure what to make of the tune or the insertion of the credit here~but i DO LOVE luscious jackson~here's the lyrics, if that helps at all (and don't you find it interesting that the birth of the child comes before the wedding~yet another thing i don't foresee in my future~but then again, maybe it's not my wedding, or my child for that matter...)

wedding: don't change inxs

don't you want this to be YOUR wedding theme?

final battle: trouble cat stevens

this is where things start to get interesting (although i do have to wonder what the final battle might be~perhaps a library customer?~i guess we never know until we get there)

death scene: it's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine) R.E.M.

now isn't this one just perfect, i have always loved this song, and it has never failed to cheer me up

funeral scene: thorn in my side eurythmics

this IS such a cool song~i love, love, love it!!!~i'm thinking i might even request it at my funeral~tho' i'm not sure the family would appreciate it~and it might not set the right tone...

end credits: endless deep u2

and off i go into the great unknown...

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