Sunday, April 01, 2007

"I wrote everything for Alice"

About Alice is Calvin Trillin's beautiful, loving tribute to his late wife, Alice. After over forty years together he still speaks of her with that true-love light in his voice, as if she could have done no wrong~and those things she did do which differed from him, which perhaps annoyed him, which perhaps they argued about were just those darling little eccentricities that endeared her to him ever the more.

I don't recall reading any of Trillin's New Yorker pieces before though i'm sure i must have; i do know i haven't read any of his other books. I picked this one up after hearing him on the Diane Rehm Show, and aside from sounding somewhat familiar it sounded very appealing.

Many of my serious relationships have ended just as those lust/infatuation chemicals/hormones are beginning to die out and other feelings of true love, or friendship, or whatever are supposed to be kicking in (or so i've been told). I used to fear that friendship stage, now i can sympathize/commiserate with the girl who wrote to Trillin "that she sometimes looked at her boyfriend and thought 'But will he love me like Calvin loves Alice?'"

Or maybe that's all just a bit too mushy/ooggy for me~i do love the sturm und drang just a touch.

Still and all, this is a lovely, quick read~i might just pick up a few more of his books.

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