Friday, May 04, 2007

just wondering

though i try to maintain a bookish-like, librarianly image, i must admit (and i am admitting this only to you because i know that you will keep it in the strictest confidence) i do spend an inordinate (i really hate to admit how much~at times it is the only thing i can do when i have a migraine~so for hours it goes) amount of time numbing my mind in front of the television (hours mostly used by DVR or OnDemand thank you Cable~you do make it all so much easier, and i do pay you dearly for it). There are shows that i watch because i have watched them for like 27 years (i.e. Days of Our Lives) and i just must continue, there are shows that i watch because they pass the time and entertain me somewhat better than the other drech that is on the airwaves (Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, er, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, etc, etc, etc) and then there are shows that i deem truly worthy of my time, for instance: House, Bones, Veronica Mars (which after Buffy died its somewhat natural death became my favorite show and i know that it has now been canceled so it is going the way of those shows that die the deaths that all television shows must eventually die...) and
which, finally, brings me to my point: i'm not sure if anyone is with me here, i wasn't so sure at the beginning, which was interesting, but at this point i think Jericho has the most promise, the most interesting storyline, and the most compelling plot of anything i'm currently seeing (not genius or anything, but i would like to see what happens). In other words, i like it. What i'm wondering is: has it been cancelled? Is it going to be cancelled? I've been searching for info and haven't been able to find anything. Things i like always get cancelled. If they make something i like and put it on the market i should stock up on it quickly because they (and there's that THEY again) will pull it soon. You know, that's my life. So does anyone know the fate of Jericho? And is it truly a good show or am i just in a migraine haze? Or is everything just so bad that it makes some things look good?

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