Tuesday, July 10, 2007

dead-end jobs & boxes of wine

So here i am, drawn to yet another story of a bookstore worker, this time it's Elaine Viets' amateur detective (and running from the law, unlucky in love) character Helen Hawthorne in Murder Between the Covers. Apparently Helen's bookstore gig is her second "dead-end" type job in the Fort Lauderdale area (she is forced to take such positions~and be paid under the table~due to her being in hiding from both the courts and her ex-husband) I suppose some of us bookstore workers should have caught on to the whole dead-end aspect a whole lot sooner than we did (or at least admitted to ourselves the truth that we already knew).
I'm not usually a voracious reader of mysteries though i have read my share in the past and this one is at least enough to keep one entertained~it seems as if all the elements of the typical mystery are there (all the characters both unsavory and savory, and a few well-intentioned misleads for good measure), as well as all the elements of the typical bookstore. Not quite
enough to sell me on the whole series, though i might want to go back and read the first one to see if it will shed any more light on Helen's situation (perhaps exactly what led her to run~although i often seem to be looking for more backstory than is given). Probably a good quick read for a mystery lover.

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