Tuesday, July 24, 2007


here's an ever so interesting title that arrived at my library completely unsolicited the other day: Hercolubus or Red Planet by V.M Rabolu (well actually, it would have to be unsolicited as i would never buy it.) Anyway, it warns of the coming catastrophe (and don't so many things?) tho this is a very specific one, of a red planet called Hercolubus (which is five or six times larger than Jupiter) which is headed on a collision course with Earth and cannot be stopped. We deserve this fate because we are so very wicked. This book also tells of life on Venus and Mars, exactly what these creatures look like, what their civilization is like, and how they travel interstellarly (they also communicate telepathically and reproduce without the messiness or impurity of sex).
What i find interesting is that all extraterrestrials have interplanetary transport of exactly the same construction and materials (tho it is much beyond our limited intellect and imagination)~no allowances for different advancements or different natural resources (and in case you are wondering why we have heard nothing of this before it is because those we wrongly call Scientists are all liars!). If you wish to save yourself from this imminent danger, you must be willing to work hard (tho i'm not sure what that entails, other than astral tripping and letting go of the sins of the ego.) So there you go.

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