Friday, July 06, 2007

waking up in the wrong life and living in a FROG

This may come as a big surprise, but, Life's a Beach by Claire Cook makes great beach reading (if i still had the time and inclination to lie about on a beach insuring my future skin cancer). Ginger is single at forty-one (well not entirely single, she does have an artist boyfriend named Noah whose commitment issues are so extreme that he has a complete aversion to phoning her up and letting her know he might want to come over~opting instead to throw pebbles at her window); she lives at the end of her parents' driveway in a "Finished Room Over the Garage" (which everyone insists on calling a FROG, much to her great annoyance) with her cat which She insists on calling Boyfriend (who she also takes for walks in his "kitty stroller"; and she is trying to make it as a sea-glass-jewellery artist after many other failed career false starts. I checked this book out after i read a rather favorable review and thought i might have noticed a slight similarity to my own life.

I'm happy to report that the similarity was much slighter than i had at first thought (she was a little less together than me~believe it or not~or maybe i'm just that much more delusional); however the book was highly entertaining and relateable nonetheless. It also had the added bonus of discovering a new (to me) phobia name~MYRMECOPHOBIA=fear of ants and a new vocalist, Eva Cassidy. Also a wonderful new phrase: velocity of ferocity which lead me to montrocity of ferocity or curiousity~hey sometimes it's the little things that thrill me.
"Some of the best times happen when you get lost."

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