Monday, August 27, 2007

"the establishing of alpha-omega relationships with major lifeboat pests"

Though i could use this moment to defend my faith in agnosticism, and how it is not lacking in creativity (but perhaps more abundant in it than the rest of you lot~grasp that Horatio?) i think i've already made that point at least once or twice, besides which i might be taking some wind out of Yann Martel's marvelous sails if i were to attempt to do so (but give us agnostics a chance, dude). I mean i do get his point and all but he seems to be missing mine~that instead of letting go of imagination and possibility i am holding on to what is there even tighter... But enough about me...
If you haven't read Life of Pi you probably haven't a clue what i'm talking about anyway (like i ever drop any hints with my ramblings to begin with). Pi Patel is a sixteen-year-old Hindu-Christian-Muslim boy stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean along with a 450-pound Royal Bengal Tiger in a twenty-six by eight foot life boat. Everything all crystal clear for you now?
Apparently, some readers were not thrilled with the story of who Pi came to be where he is, who he is, they found it dragged. Well i enjoyed that part. I thought the "lost at sea" part dragged a bit (but i suppose it would). This is a very well-written, very well-told tale that at times felt just a bit pedantic and as if i was having allegory thrown to me with the fishes and turtles (but maybe that's just the agnostic in me...) I'm also not sure that Pi has quite the same view of zoos after certain experiences (off the lifeboat) that he professes at the beginning of the novel, but i have found no discussion or supposition of such... Martel does have a marvelous sense of humour~always a saving grace.
Completely unplanned and coincidentally to reading this book, i was watching the dvd Pi (no relation)~let me tell you~that black and white, grainy, conspiracy theory, migraine syndrome tale is not to be viewed when you are suffering migraine induced insomnia...

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