Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Do you like headaches?"

I had an eight year old girl ask me last night.

(the question gave me pause~oh little girl, you don’t know what or who you’re asking…)

although there was actually a time, i think, in the distant past, i dimly remember, when these headaches Were Not an EverPresent part of my life

Very hard for me to remember/believe~i do rather vividly remember the very first time i had to go to the emergency room with a migraine and i thought i would just die~or at least wanted to~from the intense, mind-cracking pain~the very, very worst i had experienced up until that point...

now that intensity of pain would tip about a five or six on my scale of one to ten... it's all relative i guess (and am i really happy that i can now tolerate what was once intolerable???)

No, i don’t think anyone likes headaches,” was the most neutral answer i could come up with, as i watched her rub her temples (i could tell the poor child had a headache~she had had a long evening~her uncle had been entertaining his work comrades~me included~for the first time in his new abode...)

I had also had a migraine for all of the day and all of the night (no big surprise there). But i didn't really want to miss an opportunity for saketinis (and the possibility of alcohol chasing the head pounding away if only temporarily) and a little socializing.

And, in fact, with the aid of a littile imitrex (thanks to my friend, because i had run out), and more than a little sake, vodka, and cherry juice, the big giant rock i affectionately call my migraine went a little less noticed for a while and i got a little more notice than i should have while i prattled on about things i probably shouldn't have (i mean talking about former libraries and former co-workers with people in admin when its all part of the same family might be a little least i wasn't commenting much on current events~so to speak...). But it was all in good fun, right?

Isn't it interesting how inhibitions and pain receptors often seem to reside in the same parts of the brain?

Yet the question remains...

Does anyone REALLY like headaches?

(because they can have all of mine...)

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