Monday, August 27, 2007

"Global warming may be the most serious challenge the human race has ever faced, but don't freak."

Here's a grand plan: if you can't turn around this whole global warming trend (or should i make that if we can't turn it around~and can it really be called a trend at this point? Well, maybe by some people, that is, if they acknowledge it at all...) just grab this handy dandy little guide; The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook: 77 Essential Skills to Stop Climate Change--or Live Through it by David de Rothschild. Skills 1-67 are the ones for preventing/slowing down global warming and they are helpful suggestions though there doesn't seem to be any new information offered there; and from 68 on it's "If all else fails" (edged in red). The book itself smacks a little of the Worst Case Scenario handbooks, which i don't think is intentional, and is at least a little off-putting to me. It seems to be aimed at the MTV generation (or rather the generation after it~shall we call them MTV 2.0 generation?) And i don't necessarily mean that as a dig as i am a part of the MTV generation (and that it would be aimed at that sort of visually/music-based attention span seems only appropriate as it is an official companion to the Live Earth Concert Series (and maybe i'm just bitter because i didn't get to go...). Anyway, i found it a little trite (though the humour was well aimed. If you are young, hip, and a beginner to the whole environmental scene this might be a good choice (just call me old and unhip)
I think, however, if you are looking for some solid information, which is not all doom and gloom with a light touch, somehow The Green Book: the everyday guide to saving the planet one step at a time by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen just feels a little better. At least to me (and my opinion is the only one that counts, right?)

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