Tuesday, May 04, 2010

and i don't WANT to help you either!

I just crept out of the back room to tell the people manning the reference desk where i had stashed the winning patron's gift certificate and what to do with it to find a man asking for help with his flash-drive, and the moment the words "computer illiterate" start to pass his lips the other librarian tells him that LibraryAssistant will help him to which LibraryAssitant says "Oh no, i can't help with any computer thing."
Librarian says "We'll I'm about to leave."
LibraryAssistant sees me coming up behind her and says "RampagingLibrarian will help you."
To which i reply "No, i'm not here." (meaning i am not currently supposed to be at this station~something that always seems to make sense to those of us in the service profession but makes no sense to anyone else.)
The patron standing at the self-service catalog chuckles and i think the man seeking help may have wandered off but it wasn't my problem!
Just stop by your local helpful librarian (or not.)

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