Sunday, May 30, 2010

goodbye to you (or should that be I?)

So i watched her for a while and then i was SO over it (and i must admit i'll watch ANTM occasionally (mostly on Oxygen. Speaking of which, just caught the "petite", most of the models were 5'7", season and couldn't help that notice that all of them wore flats during judging, when in other seasons they have been told they must learn to walk in heels~did the producers tell them to do that so that they would look even shorter? Or do all of us shorties just detest heels?) I think my favorite contestant ever was Alison, broken-doll, Harvard (or as her internet fans/discoverer know her, Creepy Chan.) Besides the strange fascination of it all, there is the fact that Nigel is so gorgeous (i've also always found it more than a bit hypocritical that she makes her contestants do all sorts of things like pose with animals and in the nude that she had barred from her own contracts.)
When i did watch The Tyra Show i was always so annoyed that she would ask her guest a question and then interrupt them before they got to the answer (and it always seemed to be with someone that i REALLY wanted to hear the answer (tho i'm sure she did it other times, i just didn't care to notice.)
Her ego always shone through...

and supposedly she fired Paulina because Paulina's ego was too big, how could her ego be bigger than Tyra's? I like Paulina (even if i have no idea what she's really like~she's blunt and honest AND she's married to Ric Ocasek {gotta love the Cars! [and i do!]})
I'm not sure if i'll miss her or not (i'm thinking not, as i haven't seen her for quite some time...)
Just another bunch of YoSafBridg thoughts you probably have no interest in!

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