Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wildest places

in no particular order (except my own...)
  • fifth floor balcony, student services building
  • car in mom's driveway (Wade and the gearshift)
  • car in mom's driveway (Brooke)
  • tent with First Love's mom knocking on the canvas
  • tent with four other people sleeping, unaware, no indication beforehand, no speaking, no further awknowledgement
  • in my bed but with the random poker guy who stopped by looking for "Bud"
  • men's bathroom at Twelve Oaks (with White Magic)
  • men's bathroom at The Deerhunter (with the gay bartender)
  • women's bathroom at The Pie (with that mohawk guy)
  • in the drug deal room (Black Magic)
  • balcony at Plastique
  • boat that we had broken into on the Great Salt Lake
  • apartment hallway because we were locked out
  • underneath upstairs pool table at The Zepher
  • driving and parked on 6th South and 3rd east (and in the Avenues)
  • on the picnic table outside the youth hostel
  • Mark's bathroom (John)
  • It'sComplicatedLoveYouInMyOwnWayRelationship's bathroom (with his best friend)
  • John's Dad's Bar's bathroom
  • Clete's car (but not Clete)
  • gravel at the desert show (Roger)
  • Dave V's car at the desert show
  • what-his-name's living room floor (did either of us even know who's house we were in?)
  • Tammy's back yard
  • Kurt's rec room floor
  • (bathrooms seem to be popular~don't they?)

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