Friday, November 17, 2006

divinity however you may find it

In an effort to further my ritual/devotional/celebration knowledge (yeah whatever), i purchased, sight unseen, Celtic Devotional: Daily Prayers and Blessings by the very trusted and authoritative CaitlĂ­n Matthews. This is a beautifully illustrated, rather portable little gem of a book that i believe offers a spiritual path to seekers of all faiths (if they are of open hearts and minds).
This lovely book offers invocations for the beginning and closing of each season as well as greetings for the equinox or solstice, which falls midway through the season; morning and evening devotionals for each day of the week within each season; as well as areas to focus your thoughts and suggested activities for each season. There are also prayers of various blessing, healing, etc as well as ceremonies and meditations. Highly recommended.
now if only i hadn't mentioned finding divinity--i've been looking for that wonderful fluffy kind like grandma used to make...

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