Thursday, November 30, 2006

today is the first day of the rest of your...

Just in case you need to know what to do, who to worship, or just that special thing (anecdote, retort, whatever) to say to someone; have i got the books for you. The Pagan Book of Days: a guide to the festivals, traditions, and sacred days of the year by Nigel Pennick and The Wicca Book of Days: legend and lore for every day of the year by Gerina Dunwich.
Pennick is an apparent authority on all kinds of ancient belief systems and traditions and has written numerous books on numerous subjects (beyond occult wisdom and magic~history, crafts, marine species, all sorts of things.) For today (November 30) The Pagan Book of Days has this to say:
St. Andrew/Egyptian Day
The saint worshiped today as St. Andrew is a version of the divinity known as Andros, the Man, personification of manhood and the principle of virility, seen as an aspect of Dionysus. This is the personal day of Scotland, whose matronal goddess is Skadi, the Scathing one.
So today would be a good day for those scathing insults?
This is what The Wicca Book of Days says for November 30:
In many rural villages in Germany, young women still perform traditional love-divinations on this night. Using various methods of fortune-telling, they read omens and dreams to find out about their future husbands and marriages.
On this date in the year 1942, Otter Zell (Pagan priest and founder of the Church of All Worlds) was born in Saint Louis, Missouri.
Not entirely repetitious. I like the Dunwich book because it has an entry for every day (or, as the case may be, night) of the year and, as a bonus the cover art is The Magic Circle by one of my absolute favorite artists John Williams Waterhouse.
Together this pair of books make a great resource.

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