Monday, November 13, 2006

don't you just love sarcasm?

Urban legends (as a natural extension of fairy tales) are one of my particular interests and they always seem to be popping up everywhere (and, yes, i am one of those irritating people that is often pointing out to friends and acquaintances that they have fallen prey to one)--which brings us to that other phenomenon of once your attention is drawn to something instances of it are seen everywhere--what IS that about?. ANYWAY if you like urban legends and ever feel the urgent need to check one out (or check if something is one) Snopes is my site of choice--not only for it accuracy but also for its lovely sense of sarcasm which is right up my alley, for instance (this from a reference i had to find when i came across a reference to a real scream that didn't sound familiar in my recent Horror film obsessive reading--more on that later)
According to the legend, the model was horribly burned by the honey (because it was heated to make it flow more freely) or suffered excruciating pain when it was removed (because it was actually a form of liquid plastic that took huge chunks of her skin with it when it was removed), and her screams of agony are what is heard on the finished product. (Apparently the Ohio Players were experimenting with rush record production techniques that had the recording of the album's music occurring in the studio simultaneous with the creation of the album's cover art.)
A related version had the badly scarred model show up at the studio to demand compensation for her injuries just as the band was recording "Love Rollercoaster," and their manager deftly handled the situation by killing her on the spot.

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