Friday, December 01, 2006

crashing my way through politics

Friday afternoon, early dismissal for school, the usual crowd is here~tons of fun, as always. The gang boys are hanging out over by the entrance, i’ve been watching them for awhile. There’s a slightly older (than them) white guy sitting on the counter with them. I watch them for a while longer, hoping that they'll leave of their own accord. They don't.
I slowly amble over there, ask the older guy to please not sit on the counter and then ask the guys what they're doing.
They say they're waiting for the computers.
Are they all signed up?
One of them is.
I tell them that the rest of them are going to have to find something library-related to do or else go. The boys give me some excuses, some back talk, the usual stuff.
I repeat myself.
They repeat themselves.
It goes the rounds.
I then ask them to leave.
They start complaining, back talking, blah, blah, blah...
I ask them to leave.
Blah, blah, blah...
I say, "I've told you to leave, are you going to give me trouble about that?"
They finally get up and leave.
I turn to the white guy who is still leaning on the counter and ask him what He is going to do, and at that point he opens his jacket to show me his badge, and i realize he is the COP officer that we thought had not shown up this afternoon.
"OH," i say, somewhat sheepishly, "i didn't know who you were, that you were here, You never introduced yourself to us..."
"Yeah, i was just in the process of asking those guys to leave..."
"hmmm..." i'm thinking "you weren't doing such a great job at it..."
so this little redheaded librarian decides it's time to slink off to lunch with her tail between her legs...

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