Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Some rules Can be broken Some of the time

I went into work today (my WHOLE three hours worth of a day)~some weird thing with Monday being Christmas and all made it work out that way and we were very quiet, eerily so (not in the sense that people weren't making noise so much as in the sense that they were not there). But my fellow librarian discovered the picture book Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen illustrated by Kevin Hawkes which is quite delightful:

Miss Merriweather, the head librarian is very particular about rules in the library (there is also a Mr. McBee, i'm not sure what his title is but he seems even MORE particular). No running allowed. And you must be quiet. But when a lion comes to the library one day, no one is sure what to do. There aren't any rules about lions in the library (MY library has rules about non-guide animals but apparently that was never discussed...). And, as it turns out, this lion seems very well suited to library visiting. His big feet are quiet on the library floor. He makes a comfy backrest for the children at story hour. And he never roars in the library, at least not anymore~he is an incredibly well behaved lion. But when something terrible happens, the lion quickly comes to the rescue in the only way he knows how. Michelle Knudsen's disarming story, illustrated by the matchless Kevin Hawkes in an expressive timeless style, will win over even the most ardent of rule keepers.

and, on a somewhat different note, maybe this is some kind of cosmic comeuppance, but this morning i emptied my usual allotment of medication into my palm as part of my regular morning return, but instead of routinely swallowing them at the bathroom sink i carried them into the bedroom, set them on the bed while i looked for a lost earring only to turn and see Dixie, my oldest cat eating them. I grabbed her and and started pounding on her in a sort of modified, panicked Heimlich Maneuver and managed to get all the pills out of her but where's the black box warning for that?

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