Wednesday, December 20, 2006

help, i'm trapped in a library

with many minions of rambunctious, reveling, hormonally-raging teenagers (is it the season that over-excites them so much more than normal~which is quite enough in itself?) . I remember being that age and wanting nothing more than to escape them, and dreaming of a time when i would never have to be around them anymore (i expressly didn't teach for JUST this reason) and now here i am, raging, pounding, screaming, ice-picking migraine with no escape in sight...
sometimes, they'll come up to the reference desk, armed with nothing more than mumbled nouns:
"pencil", "computer", "digimon", "glue", "marker", "scissors", "phone"
"Is there something that you wanted to ask me? (perhaps something that you wanted of me?)"
"Could you possibly wrap a sentence around that (do you know any verbs, modifiers, pronouns~or even how to modulate your voice so it sounds like you might be asking a question rather than making a demand)?" (forget polite...magic words just draw blank stares)
Does anyone have a reference question for this so-called reference librarian?
okay, i feel the grumpy creeping in and the Comet slipping away, somebody save me,
Maybe i should just save myself with a little Christmas Cheer.
Now back to your regularly scheduled chaos...

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