Thursday, December 14, 2006

things you might want to know

BLOG RULES: A Business Guide to Managing Policy, Public Relations, and Legal Issues by Nancy Flynn just came in to our library yesterday and it looked somewhat interesting so i read it. Just as its title states, it is a business's guide to blog policy issues. Presented for businesses who are considering starting blogs (internal or external) it also argues that all businesses should have written policies in place for employee's personal blogs (and though there are few companies that do have such written policies in place there are some rules in this book that may be of interest to bloggers not interested in joining the ranks of those fired~or dooced for items posted in their personal blogs~and NO blogging is not protected by freedom of speech in case you were wondering being a form of publication little things like defamation and such apply).

Anyway, the book makes for an interesting little read (if you are a Consumer of books like me) even if you are not a business wanting to start a blog. And points to consider if you are an average blogger with your personal blog (some of which should just be common sense~i mean THINK ~of course I don't always do that~but i really SHOULD...) * if you mention your company's name you should not blog anonymously~use your full name (and include a disclaimer, don't disclose trade secrets, confidential information, etc, etc, etc, you Really Should Know the drill... * always be truthful~bloggers always know~be transparent and conversational~be yourself * even if you don't mention names you can still be fired (employment at will means you can be fired for any reason~including blogging~know if you work in an at-will state~know your company's employment policy, all of it (you are legally bound by it as you signed it) * know the law: some bloggers have protections not available to at-will employees * know that employers are prescreening job applicants blogs (so you may loose a job before you even get it) * blogs are permalinked~so ANYONE can read your blog FOREVER * modify or deactivate your comment function * remember you are not protected by the first amendment * don't say anything in your blog you wouldn't say to some one's face.

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