Sunday, December 24, 2006

some things that make you say FUCK!

i would ask you to pardon my French, but that really isn’t French now is it? and asking you to pardon it would imply that i inadvertently or unwittingly or unintentionally or in some other un*way used a word when i so very deliberately typed it (and, lets face it, there is the edit function, with which, I can always delete) so lets not live with any pretense here:

  • first of all, the very inspiration of this post, having to do with the frustration of editing~the fact that my computer has this tendency to crash on me with no warning… it overheats, and… BOOM (well, with no sound, really~just a black screen, and all my work is lost, that is if I haven’t been saving like all good little girls (and everyone else should be). But, that’s not the worst part, the worst part is, that i have to wait to start the damn thing up again (for it to cool off) and if i was in the middle of writing, and pursuing a particularly interesting train of thought… well p*o*o*f

  • of course, this is my one and only computer, it is out of its warranty period and i am poor

  • it is 12:31 a.m. on Christmas Eve morn and i still have to stock my cupboard~i have no groceries, staples, or anything~not to mention Christmas presents~at least the family is out of town

  • i live with three cats and not a single one of them will lift a paw to do the laundry or do any other of the household chores (and believe it or not it's not just me that thinks they should be pitching in~when i was asking my boss for some time-off for housework the other day he asked "what about those cats of yours?) that are PILING UP and it isn't like they haven't noticed~they delicately step over the piles and shoot me accusatory, demanding looks

  • the neurologist limits me to ten lortabs per month and sometimes the permanent chronic daily headache combined with the current migraine is so out-of-hand/skull and it might be helped with a combination of narcotic with a touch of sleeping medication but i am not so sure and there is no way that i am going to waste one whole one and a half pill just to find out so i will just suffer through...

  • not that lortab really helps to begin with~i REALLY, REALLY want to find a solution for dealing with this chronic DAILY pain (but whining gets you nowhere~and i can only indulge in it for a very short time)

  • the health insurance company somehow think that they know better than the actual migraine sufferer (and their doctors) that you need (i actually don't know what the limit is) but for some reason every time i try to get my what my co-payment, mind you, $100 prescription of imitrex pills filled i have to have my neurologist fill out some kind of special dispensation

  • speaking of insurance companies, my car insurance notifies my car loan company when i am a few days late making my car insurance payment so the stupid people decide they need to append the loan to their own insurance policy even though my insurance HASN'T lapsed, but somehow they never get notification of THAT, and it is nearly impossible to find the right hoops to jump through to get everything straightened out

  • there are so many more stupid people in the world than intelligent people~and they all seem to be so vocal about it

  • Money does not seem to grow on trees, even though junk mail seems to just seep in through the walls and pile up everywhere (and so much of it seem to be credit card offers which is JUST what i need~NOT!!!


LibraryTavern Liz said...

Thanks for stopping by the LibraryTavern. I looked at your profile and couldn't help but notice that our lists of favorite music and favorite movies share a few similarities. Is this a librarian thing, I wonder?

YoSafBridg said...

i don't know if it's a librarian thing~i've noticed i have more (and less) in common with librarians than many others.
Maybe we librarians just like to expose ourselves to many things~or so i like to tell myself