Wednesday, December 20, 2006

am i missing something here...

or have we suddenly developed a New focus on illegal drugs? New war on drugs? Sunday VH1 was broadcasting a number of hours of the series The Drug Years, tonight the history channel is doing a number of hours of its series Hooked: Illegal Drugs is this just co-incidental?
When Dr. Albert Hoffman first tried LSD he was trying to find a treatment for migraines? Did i hear that right? I'm not paying that much attention to the TV, sitting here, working on the computer, in my usual TV "watching" mode but that set me off on an Internet search (as well as hitting record on the DVR). This is one of the many things i found (courtesy of clusterbusters)
"LSD was used as a clinical treatment for migraine, albeit for a short period of time, before bad publicity over its recreational side effects brought about its removal. It was, however, an extremely effective treatment, far more so then either methysergide or ergotamine. Unlike its siblings, LSD was able to function at very small (sub-hallucinogenic) doses. A single dose was also sufficient to provide long term relief, often counted in months"
Hearing that Almost makes me want to go back on that resolution i made (felt i had to make) after my last trip (years and years ago) to never try acid again (i won't go into details about that one, it had nothing to do with the perceived psychological affects, but with the perceived physical affects which actually lasted for months and months~it is all so very interesting the places your mind takes you) and i really can't imagine it as a cure for migraines, not at all...
Then again Francis Crick, credited as being one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA was supposedly experimenting with small doses of LSD when he first visualized the double helix but Crick himself denied this (even threatening to sue anyone who would say such a thing). Crick also was interested and did quite a bit of work in Neuroscience, a very personal interest of mine (even BEFORE The Migraine began to run my life.)
So, see, how life really is circular after all?
(that's the great mother goddess at work guys;)

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