Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the end of an era

if you were part of "the scene" (okay, maybe there was more than one scene but they all bled into one another at one time or another~you just had to be there~life really is synchronous) behind the Zion curtain in the 1980s (and/or probably after~i wouldn't really know) in the center of it, or even dancing around the edges of it, you knew Sean Fightmaster. He was everywhere. He touched everyone's life. You couldn't miss him. I remember running into him in the middle of the day when i was looking for roommates and apartments (he made me laugh~my friend was a little frightened). I remember running into him in the middle of the evening at parties and at concerts. I remember running into him in the middle of the night when i was working late at The pizza joint, trying to get my homework done before the after-bar closing rush. I remember him from everywhere.
If you saw SLC Punk (that not-so-fictionalized movie) you saw a version of him (the guy that was always tripping on acid~but like i said that was only a version~but i guess even if you weren't there you were touched by a part of Sean). I know i was. His name was perfect, inside his tough outer shell he was a softie~and he stood up for his own. He was born to be a punk rocker.

Sean died on December 6. He's gone from the scene now. He will be missed. Time sometimes seems to slap you in the face, it's sad (how else can it be said, really?)

Sean Travis Fightmaster 6/24/69 ~ 12/6/06 "You Are Loved"

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