Saturday, December 09, 2006

excessive noise, rampant disarray, and other professional hazards of librarianship

The other morning, i was on the phone with my doctor’s receptionist, leaving a message to have doctor call me back.

"So, you're at home then?" she assumed.
"No, i'm at work," i wasn't sure why she was making that assumption, especially since i had been telling her i had been unable to come in for my allergy shots because of my change in work schedule.
"¿WHERE do you work? she asked, then added "I'm hearing screaming children in the background."
(oh now it made sense, i hadn't really noticed until now, and, if i had been at home there would be no such noise) "Believe it or not, i work in a library. You know, a librarian, that nice quiet profession where you get to read all day...?"
Later that day...
I was coming back from break and a disgruntled gentleman asked me if i worked here.
"Yes, how may i help you?"
"Your audiobooks have no semblance of order!"
"Hmmm, let's see what we can do."
I walk back to the section with him and immediately find the book on cd he is looking for.
He continues to insist that there is no order to the books on cd, over and over and over again.
After listening for awhile i want to agree with him and take the audiobook i've just handed him and place it back into the chaos, since i shouldn't have been able to find it.
He points to where it should be (with the Ks as that is the authors last name). I point out that it is a non-fiction title, and is therefore with the three hundreds. He thinks this is a ridiculous system. (which perhaps it is, though our library has always used it, as have many others...and he does have his desired item in hand)

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