Tuesday, December 05, 2006

places i will never see

I was watching television tonight and they were showing pictures of New Orleans; i had a sudden flashback to the late 1980s when i so desperately wanted to move there. I planned on it. I told everyone i was going to do it. (I don't remember what i was planning to do once i got there~just that i was going)
then along came a boyfriend, and along came life, and well, you know...
and then came another flashback
to the early 1980s (and before)
when one of the places i wanted to go (and to see) more than anywhere else was the U.S.S.R. and Moscow and Leningrad
and isn't it funny, isn't it strange, isn't it sad
(isn't it odd how quickly things go from funny to sad)
that though the earth remains
the things that stand upon it
don't seem to.
Like dust in the wind
though i'm sure Russia's still beautiful
and New Orleans will never fall
or so they say
nothing will ever be the same
just like nothing ever changes...

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