Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Don't Read This

Have you heard of DOPA (a lovely acronym for "Deleting Online Predators Act")? Basically it's a bill proposed by one of our wonderful dopes, er republican representatives, designed to keep the kiddies and other vulnerable being safe on the Internet as an addition to CIPA (already in place in federally funded schools and libraries). This one would filter out (schools and libraries who don't comply face loosing federal funding) all "social networking" sites (of course the current Big Bad is MySpace but there is always a new one on the horizon--the actual wording of the bill is "collaborative networking" and would bar access to a wide variety of sites--pretty much everything including blogs, ims, wikis, email--anything to which anyone may add personal content. (First of all--once we filter all that out--what do we really have left?
Now what this mainly suggests to me is that those guys up on the hill really have about as much understanding of the Internet as they do that the library is a SAFE place (sure drop your kids off here in the morning and expect them to be here--in the exact same condition--when you're done gallivanting at the end of the night--oh right another issue entirely--sorry)
Anyway, this is a blog, so it will soon be filtered for your own protection.

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