Saturday, May 13, 2006

our mothers/ourselves

so i just hung up on my mother... (quite childish of me... ehh?)
and i'm not even sure we were having an argument. I won't even try to go into details because it is too much and too little just suffice it to say she was being maternal and i was being childish or something like that.

and now i'm smoking a cigarette (a stale clove cigarette, contraband in this state, i don't smoke, but i had i craving, plus there's the rebellion issue...) i had been driving home from a lovely evening out with friends and had been thinking of buying one of those single cigarettes but decided against it in a fit of adultness and look at me now.
and oddly enough (or not so oddly enough) an early tarot reading had the empress show up.
is it only girls who have maternal issues (i'm forty years old and i'm calling myself a girl)?
and boys have paternal issues?
or all Americans have parental issues???
Debborah Tannen in her book You're Wearing That?: Mothers and Daughters In Conversation says that our mothers are the only people we would ever think of hanging up, on but my mother hangs up on me quite often. It goes both ways--and always will.
Now where to find an ashtray in a non-smoking house?

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