Thursday, May 11, 2006

you say it's your birthday; it's my birthday too... yeah!

I took the day off work today for my birthday. Took the rest of the weekend off too for that matter--and i always have Mondays off--don't know if i had something in mind when we made vacation requests at the beginning of the year--and can i just say here, that as a poor, single librarian who likes to live her life with at least a little spontaneity--and of course the possibility of a migraine or two or more and their aftermath interfering with even the best laid plans--with no yearly ski trips to Switzerland, nor spring breaks in Cabo, nor summers on the Seine, etc, etc, etc, already embossed on my calendar, deciding in December exactly what days i will be wanting to take off for the coming year always seems a bit daunting! if i did have something in mind it seems to be gone now so i've pretty much decided to spend the time on much belated "spring cleaning". The house is getting out of control, verging on disgusting, and even though i have put great effort and concentration into focusing any magical energy toward the self-cleaning properties of said house have failed to emerge. The cats who seem to think they own both me and the house (and of course everything in it) have proven COMPLETELY unwilling to lift even a single paw (although even if i could train them to do housework or whatever tasks i needed i would probably have PETA or some other animal organization on my ass so i can't really win on that front.)

So today i am ohmygod 40 and people keep asking me how i feel--do i feel 40 (how exactly is 40 supposed to feel?) and all i really feel is tired ('though that might have something to do with the no-sleep-for-two-days/night-due-to-the/combined/with-the-migraine--is it better to blame it on that or excuse it to advancing age?)

And did i mention that my youngest cat, Demetra, had her first birthday today as well

«-here she is as an adorable kitten

and here she is as a disagreeable model (the one-year-old she is today) -»
who doesn't hold still~and also doesn't seem to have any eyes~she does have eyes i swear (such are the trials and tribulations when your only digital camera is your cellphone) though she's still my baby and i love her almost to death, of course, as if that really needed to be said, but just in case...

Or so i decreed (about the birthday) she was born sometime mid-May so i let her share my day (or rather~maybe i wanted someone to share it with). I say, that as an adopted child, her birth date, as an adopted cat, is as correct as mine (did you know that they change birth dates on adoptee's birth certificates? Just to make it all the more difficult in the birth parent search i suppose--i was quite disillusioned when i learned that the birth date i had been celebrating all my life might not actually be mine but again OH WELL--such a lovely all occasion phrase that, is it not? -please grant me some parenthetical leniency on my birthday :)

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