Saturday, May 13, 2006

everything that rises must converge

Something Rising (Light and Swift) by Haven Kimmell has been on my-to-be-read pile forever and i finally picked it up--something about this book and her voice really spoke to me--i felt like i could so relate to the character of Cassie even though she lived a life completely different than mine--it's like she spoke my thoughts. Her writing is absolutely lyrical.
Actually Cassie's temper is sometimes carried (just a little) further than mine, but this is a novel after all (and sometimes i would love to carry mine that far-did carry it a little far in a few childhood episodes.) I could connect with the pool playing (did a bit a pool hustling myself back in college--never would have guessed wouldya?), father issues, etc.
Many amazon reviewers didn't like this book much--i loved it--to each his own i guess (and to answer one reviewers complaint about physics and geometry: MY physics teacher asked many of his questions in the form of pool table analogies and the pool shark i learned from talked in terms of physics angles, etc--so at least Some pool sharks think in those terms, though not ALL.)

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