Wednesday, March 07, 2007

a whole lotta of quizzes

some accurate...some...maybe...well...maybe, i'll let you ponder on it... (sometimes you really shouldn't put a librarian in front of a computer~but then again, where else would you put her?)
You Are Most Like Carrie!

You're quirky, flirty, and every guy's perfect first date.
But can the guy in question live up to your romantic ideal?
It's tough for you to find the right match - you're more than a little picky.
Never fear... You've got a great group of friends and a
great closet of clothes, no matter what!
Romantic prediction: You'll fall for someone this year...
Totally different from any guy you've dated.

You Are a Fun Girl!

You are all about having fun - and you don't need to drink to have a good time
Sure, you've thrown back more than a few every so often
But getting totally stupid and wasted is not your style
You're the life of the party, by keeping everyone laughing and smiling

You Are a Wild Woman

Sky diving on the first date? Why not?
You're up for almost anything, and that's what guys love about you.
You don't back down from challenges, and you love to challenge others.
You're so wild it's a little scary, but that's usually a good thing!

gotta plead GUILTY on this one
How Daring Are You?

You Are Psyche!

Eternally in search of purpose and insight.
You're curious and creative with a total sense of wonder.
Totally empathetic, you pick up on other's moods easily.
Just be sure to pamper yourself as well!

Your Beauty Element is Air

You're quirky, fresh, and fashionable in a surprising way.
You have a beauty that's all your own, and it changes as quickly as the wind!

You Should Be a Cherry Redhead

Sexy, dramatic, but still sweetly feminine. Perfect for getting out of the hair color doldrums!

well actually i like to call it more burgundy or BLOOD RED~but maybe that's just me...

Your Style is 1950s

High heels, pretty dresses, classic makeup...
You're a feminine beauty who knows how to play up her assets!
i'll have to ruminate on this one...

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:
Pamela Anderson

You Are Champagne

A true mystery, no one can quite figure you out...
That is, until you start drinking. Then you tend to let loose.
You're fun to drink with, but it definitely takes you a few drinks to loosen up.
You prefer to date a man who likes the finer things in life... like a five star dinner with that champagne.

well yes AND no (is that clear enough???)

You Are 49% Bitchy

Generally, you're an average woman, with average moods. But sometimes... well, watch out!
Sometimes, you let your mean side get the better of you. And you enjoy every minute of it.

How Bitchy Are You?
some (maybe even me) would probably rate me a little higher here~i guess you just caught me on a non-rampaging day...

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