Thursday, March 15, 2007

mistakes were made...

According to Maria Aspan of The New York Times, Time Warner is not falling all over itself to defend its decision to withhold the March 14 Swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated (and wouldn't you feel absolutely crushed to be deprived of such an incredible Steven Tyler shot as the one shown at left???) from its institutional customers and is instead blaming the debacle on an unnamed group of flunkies.

. . . Despite the differing responses many libraries initially received from Sports Illustrated representatives, Rick McCabe, a magazine spokesman, said on Friday that the magazine would provide copies of the missing issue to all affected subscribers who requested them.
According to Mr. McCabe, the decision to withhold the swimsuit issue was made independently of the magazine’s senior management, by a group that was also involved in removing alcohol or tobacco-related advertising from issues for classrooms and other subscribers who requested such alternate copies. He declined to further identify the group, but said that recent complaints about the swimsuit issue’s content from teachers and parents were also a factor.
Librarians and their patrons won’t have to worry about missing the latest in swimsuit fashions next year. The decision to withhold the issue was “a mistake that shouldn’t have been made,” Mr. McCabe said. “Certainly it’s not something we’re going to do again.”
don't we feel special to recieve his apology and the gift of the extra subscription though?

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