Saturday, March 03, 2007

I’m the girl you’ll notice first

when you walk into the bar

The beautiful girl

often sitting alone

(even with friends)

playing with her drink

with that faraway look in her eye

I’m the girl with that certain something

you can't quite pin down

who looks like no one else you've ever seen

and reminds you of someone you can't remember

The girl who will let you talk forever

and who will reveal so little information

The girl who sometimes seems to be laughing at you

but makes your heart leap each time

she enters a room

The girl you will pursue relentlessly

and wholeheartedly

And slowly

if you earn it

I will peel away layers

and show you the rest

of this girl


I’m the girl

you will fall in love with


I will give you my heart

and my soul

and my mind

and my self

And we will love

And we will be happy

And then

I’m the girl you will leave

heart slashed, soul shattered, mind lost

self still in love


that’s the girl i am.

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