Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Food Phobias vs. Cravings in the Ultimate Cage Match

In an effort to avoid the constant vomiting which is caused by, i don't know what, allergies or migraines or both, i have decided to severely restrict my diet--researched a little bit on the web on what you can eat with an upset stomach (added to the fact that i seem to have developed phobias to many foods due to said vomiting--so many things now scare me--though i seem to also crave them--at least my brain does...)
So this is what i'm down to now:
hot tea because my throat is sore
bread, crackers, etc.
instant breakfast (with skim milk), low fat cheeses--thank god i am not lactose intolerant--i have done my bouts with
vegetarianism and could give up meat if i had to but never my dairy
canned fruit, applesauce, etc
fruit juices
and lots of multivitamin supplements
fun, fun, fun
now if i can only figure out that
breatharianism thing i'll be totally set!

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