Saturday, July 08, 2006

librarian trading cards

Giles trading card
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Okay, so we already have librarian action figures, (or at least one) and of course there is the Sunnydale High Library Action Figure Playset (and speaking of Sunnydale there ARE a couple of Giles action figures already available and more in the works so we DO have more than one!) And now, to my ever increasing delight, some-wonderful-unnamed-brarian has given us Librarian trading cards! And, here, for your viewing pleasure, is my own personal favorite--the afore mentioned Giles--The Buffyverse's answer to the revitalization/re-imaging of librarian role models everywhere. School librarian (and that is not Media Specialist mind you!) /Watcher/Father Figure extraordinaire (and on a personal note i must add--not only do i love the British accent and tiniest touch of the bad boy but i find him a slightly more intellectual version of Adam Ant--and for me that IS a compliment) If only there really were such cards to collect....

I am so very happy--now i just have to come up with the just the right "Rampaging Librarian"

I don't know, what do you think would make up a Rampaging Trading card???

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