Thursday, July 27, 2006

hearing laughter in the library?

Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum have come out with their fourth collection of the Unshelved webcomic Book Club (which covers February 16, 2005 through February 19, 2006 for those of you keeping track). If you are not familiar with this series, it is absolutely required reading for any public libraries, recommended reading for anyone in public service, but i believe everyone should be able to appreciate the humor of the situation--a surprisingly accurate depiction of life in a public library.
This issue has the added fun of "Book Club" (of course--given the title) which offers--short illustrated recommendations/summaries/whatever of a number of different titles. And this Whedon fan would be remiss if she did not mention the scattered references to Serenity and even an obscure one to Vampire Willow as well as Drucilla which makes me love the authors all the more and convinces me i AM in the RIGHT profession (tee hee.)
Also check out the other titles in the series: Unshelved; What Would Dewey Do?; and Library Mascot Cage Match.

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