Thursday, July 20, 2006

gentle foods/comfort foods

I'm not sure why i bought Laurel's Kitchen Caring: Recipes for Everyday Home Caregiving by Laurel Robertson with Carol Lee Flinders & Ruppenthal, RD in the first place (it might have been the reputation of Robertson's vegetarian cookbook Laurel's Kitchen or perhaps i was just confusing her with someone else...) but i picked it up and read it recently because of my little gastronomic challenges.
It is a very handy, helpful book full of tips and recipes for people who are caregivers for those who are sick and/or hospitalized either with short-term or long-term illnesses. It is also useful if you need to start a special diet or cut back on something.
There are a number of very useful recipes that are gentle on your stomach, are nutritious, can provide nutrients in a liquid diet, comfort etc. Very useful book to have on hand.

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