Friday, July 21, 2006

immersed in superheroes

The other day i was reading this article about how X-Men's Mystique's bisexuality makes no appearance in the current X-Men movie which somehow reminded me of the ever-changing Superman mythos and something our graphic novel central buyer had said about the relationship between Batman and Robin (which apparently is sometimes homosexual according to her) and sometimes Robin is a girl, etc, etc, etc. Now, never having been a big D.C. comics reader or graphic novel reader in the past i suddenly felt this urgent need to research everyone's history, TODAY. And let me tell you there is quite a bit of history to research, and quite a few universes to reconcile.
I have not waded through all of it yet, and as with everything else of any interest, the more you find out, the more you want to find out--so i will leave it all up to your own research if you will--and as to Batman and Robin's sexuality--i guess that's all subjective isn't it?--but i will say this--yes, there have been female Robins; but no, there have never been any OVERT representations of male homosexuality--but after all they are men in tights if you want to fall for stereotypes...but that is a little shallow of you isn't it???
and say what you will about that horrible Catwoman movie but man or woman you've gotta admit, Halle Berry is HOT! (and Benjamin Bratt's not so bad...)

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