Saturday, January 20, 2007

add two more books to my ...

. . . never-ending list of needed/wanted picture books:
Sometimes, when i show her a newly acquired picture book my mom will sometimes ask me "Oh, is that for (My Nephew) or (My Niece)?" and i, sometimes, rather sheepishly, say "No," or "Oh, . . . maybe . . ." (when really they are just for me.)
If you don't have kids, or nieces, or nephews, or grandchildren, or aren't a teacher, or librarian, or don't frequent bookstores or libraries, or, just whatever might make you pick up a children's book every now and then... you are really missing out on some wonderful art and prose.
Nicholas Brunelle is a graduate of the Visual Essay Graduate Program at the School of Visual Arts (now doesn't that sound like a cool and innovative program?) His book Snow Moon tells a tale in few words but with beautiful paintings of a wintry white owl who lands on a child's window and leads him to a wondrous place.
And then there is Lauren Stringer who seems to share my fondness for winter. In her Winter is the Warmest Season this Minnesota dweller tells us why her world is warmest in winter.
Things like:
"Hot soups, hot pies, and oven hot breads make winter the warmest for the inside of me.
* * * * *
When winter comes, cats sit on laps instead of windowsills.
(in my house they INSIST, quite persistently,upon it)
Even nights are warmer in winter. Fires burn in fireplaces. Candles burn in candleplaces.
I think parties are warmer in winter.
* * * * *
In winter, bodies sit closer, books last longer, and hugs squeeze the warmest."
Stringer's illustrations are absolutely charming and inviting, if you are not a winter person perhaps this book will convert you, or at least make you think about it. And if you are not a picture book person you really should reconsider that as well, in my, ever so humble opinion, v.b.g :)

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